Dhamma Pabha
Path to the mediation hall at Dhamma Pabha

Path to the meditation hall at Dhamma Pabha

Dhamma Pabha, radiance or glow of Dhamma‚ is nestled in a forest in the slopes of Mt Dromedary, forty minutes by road from Hobart. The tall trees and the bushland setting are far from the noises of civilisation, trains or traffic, the only sounds being those of the native wildlife.

After twelve years of holding courses at hired campsites, the first course was held at Dhamma Pabha in December 1994 using temporary facilities. From that start, facilities have been improved and include a warm and comfortable meditation hall, single-accommodation, kitchen, dining room, and office.

Despite Tasmania’s isolation and small population, a dedicated group of Vipassana students are building a peaceful sanctuary of Dhamma in the forest there.

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