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Dhamma Rasmi

“While serving, you are learning how to apply Dhamma in day-to-day life. After all, Dhamma is not an escape from daily responsibilities. By learning to act according to Dhamma in dealing with students and situations here in the little world of a meditation course or centre, you train yourself to act in the same way in the world outside. Despite the fact that unwanted things keep happening, you practice trying to maintain the balance of your mind, and to generate love and compassion in response. This is the lesson that you are trying to master here. You are a student as much as those who are sitting in the course.

May all of you who give Dhamma service become strengthened in Dhamma. May you learn to develop your goodwill, love and compassion for others. May all of you progress in Dhamma, and enjoy real peace, real harmony, real happiness.”

S.N. Goenka

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Serving in the kitchen at Dhamma Rasmi

Serving in the kitchen at Dhamma Rasmi

How can I get more established in this technique?

The best way to progress in Vipassana is to sit courses more regularly and to serve on courses so that others may also experience the same benefits that you have. There are many different ways to give Dhamma service, in a practical way at the Centre or in your local region or by serving on one of the many work groups.

Whether it be during courses, between courses or during general service periods, servers at Dhamma Rasmi always sit three group sittings each day, can attend the evening discourse, and meet with an assistant teacher. Just as there is a Code of Discipline for students meditating, so there is a Code of Conduct for Dhamma Servers. The most common feedback given by servers is their appreciation of how this program helps them intergrate the practice of Dhamma into their busy daily lives.

If you would like to learn more aobut any ofthe following opportunities, please contact the centre management on 07 5485 2452.

Serving on a course

All courses are served by old students – those who have previously sat a 10 day course – who help ensure the smooth running of a course. This may involve helping to prepare daily meals for everyone at the centre or serving as a course manager. As well as allowing you to benefit from the experience of serving others who are meditating, many students have found that serving a course deepens their own practice of Vipassana.

If you would like to apply to serve on a course, select the course that suits you from the Course schedule page, click on the Dhamma Service button and complete an on-line Dhamma service application form.

Serving between courses

Dhamma Rasmi runs a full program of 10 day courses throughout the year along with 3 day old student and childrens/teenagers courses. The few days between each course are spent preparing the centre for the next influx of students and servers are always welcome to help as well as to work on site maintenance, gardening, building, in the kitchen or on other projects.

These short work periods represent a great opportunity for old students to give service by coming early a day or two before their course, or staying on afterwards.

Children's and teenagers' courses

Children’s and teenagers’ course at Dhamma Rasmi

Serving on Children’s/teenager courses

Please click here for more information.

Long term Dhamma service

Long term Dhamma service is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your practice of Vipassana by meditating and serving at the centre for longer periods of time – a few weeks, a few months or even a year. It becomes possible to make greater progress over a shorter time frame. Long term service can involve serving and sitting courses alternately, but it can also involve working separately to the running of courses including assisting in the office, working on maintenance, and various projects.

Long term Dhamma servers attend three meditation sessions each day, meet with assistant teachers regularly and are encouraged to sit at least one 10 day course every 3 months or less. Long term Dhamma workers are also expected to take regular days off.

You may have a skill or expertise that you can offer or you may want to find out more. If you are interested in long-term Dhamma service, please read and complete the long term Dhamma service application form and return it to Centre Management.

Joining a work group

Old students, trustees and assistant teachers work together on a number of different work groups that support the centre and courses.

The role of work groups is to oversee operations within a particular area of responsibility. It is also to formulate recommendations and expenditure proposals for the consideration of the Trust, and to supervise the implementation of approved jobs.

The work groups cover a wide and varied area of centre activities. They include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Building
  • Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Finance and
  • Communication.

Gardening working bees and general work periods are scheduled at regular periods throughout the year and are listed on the course schedule – apply by clicking the ‘Apply’ link.

Attending Trust meetings

The Board of Trustees of the Vipassana Centre Queensland is composed of a group of old students who are invited each year to help with the running of the Trust. This group works together to oversee the smooth operation of the centre. It is also a duty to see that every cent of student donations are properly spent and accounted for.

The Trust meets 12 times a year on the second Sunday of each month. All interested old students are invited to attend the meetings and learn how the centre works. Click here to find out more about the Trust.

More detailed information

Information and inspiration for serving at Dhamma Rasmi (PDF 449kb)