Dhamma Padipa
View to the west at Dhamma Padipa

View to the west at Dhamma Padipa

Dhamma Padipa, light of Dhamma, continues to grow and provide an ideal place for old students of Vipassana meditation to meditate peacefully. Holding six 10 day courses a year, the facility consists of a rammed earth buildings, a kitchen/dorm accommodation building and a toilet/shower block and a large meditation hall. Camping sites are available under shelters or in treed areas. The centre facilities can accommodate up to 60 students.

LPG gas is used for the kitchen and the shower hot water is supplied by Quantum heat pumps. 240V mains power is backed up with an emergency generator. Rainwater is on tap for drinking, and showers. Telephone connects the centre to the local exchange and satellite to the internet. An automated outdoor lighting system illuminates the student areas at night.

The course boundaries surround an elevated section within the 80 acre site. Views of the surrounding area are possible from almost every area within the course boundaries. Vegetation ranges from native bush to open fields, with large granite outcrops situated on a gentle slope down to a small valley. A large native regeneration project has been completed using seed from the neighbouring nature reserve. When fully grown the inner compound will have wide bush margins on three sides.

The site is located in West Brookton, approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes by car from Perth, Western Australia. Dhamma Padipa abuts the Strange Road Nature Reserve, and there are no immediate neighbours within sight or earshot of the centre.

Dhamma Padipa is being designed and constructed almost entirely by volunteer workers. The toilet/shower block, kitchen/accommodation building and meditation hall are largely complete. Construction of teachers residence and some 20 single rooms is scheduled to start late 2012. This will also include landscaping. Further accommodation rooms, servers quarters, managers cottage and meditation cells are just some of the future plans. The existing dorm accommodation will become dinning rooms.

May Dhamma Padipa continue to grow and develop as a Dhamma centre for the benefit of many future generations.
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Centre location: Shire of Brookton, south-east of Perth
POSTAL ADDRESS ONLY: c/- 243 Marmion Street, Palmyra WA 6157
Tel: [61](08) 9647 1118
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